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Long Sleeve Duffel with Hood, or Collar

  • 1-2 Yr R XX
  • 2-3 Yr R XX
  • 4-5 Yr R XX
  • 6 Yr R XX
  • 7-8 Yr R XX
  • 10 Yr R XX


The following image shows the measurements (in cm) of each size duffel to allow you to check what size duffel will suit you best

Kiddies Duffel Coats Size Chart
1-2 Yr30cm00000000000000
2-3 Yr0000000000000000
4-5 Yr0000000000000000
6 Yr0000000000000000
7-8 Yr0000000000000000
10 Yr0000000000000000

These duffel coats feature a unique hand embroidered (French knots), “skapie” and red heart on the pocket. For the older children, the duffel coats feature the embroidered “skapie” on the back of the neck.

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Age 1-3, Age 2-3, Age 4-5, Age 6, Age 7-8, Age 10


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